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Mattress In A Box

Finding that new, perfect mattress for your bedroom is very important. It’s got to be comfy, work with the way you sleep, fit your furniture…there are lots of things to consider when mattress shopping. The good news is we have so many options for you to make finding that best-sleep-of-your-life a reality. Specifically, a really great mattress in a box, which is an easy-to-transport mattress that’s ultra-cozy, too—win-win!  

While traditional mattresses typically have to be delivered and are ready to sleep on right away, a bed in a box is different. It comes in a box (obviously!) and it’s made of memory foam, compressed and rolled up for shipping or picking up purposes. Just take it out of the box, unroll it and let it reinflate. Then? Get those ZZZs you’re after! 

Got some questions? We’ve got some answers. Take a look at frequently asked questions about our Dream Mattresses and our Dream-In-A-Box Mattresses. 

Why should I get a mattress in a box? The choice is really yours, but lots of our customers love the convenience of having it shipped right to their home. There’s also the cozy memory foam that the mattresses come in that people adore. 

Can I find more than one bed in a box option? Yep. There’s soft which is cushiony comfort without that sinking feeling and compresses easily to the touch; medium which is the best of soft and firm comfort with moderate sink-in; or firm which is substantial comfort with minimal sink-in and recovers quickly from contact.  

And can I find all the mattress sizes here as well? You can! Everything from twin to twin XL to full to queen to king are here. 

Can you tell me more about the Dream Mattress Studio? Sure thing. It’s a collection of personalized mattresses that we’ve tested and perfected to help with sleep problems like morning aches, tossing and turning and night sweats. They’re all eco-friendly and made with 100% natural latex at a dreamy price with a 120-night trial! 

And do I need a boxspring? Totally depends on your bed frame and bedroom furniture. Take a look at yours to see if it’s needed or not before ordering. 

You have other mattress accessories here as well, right? Yes, we do. Find adjustable bases, bed frames, mattress protectors & sheets, pillows and more to go with your Dream-In-A-Box Mattress when you shop with us.