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Everyone's life situation is different. Regardless of where you are now, there may be a time when you or a loved one needs some form of mobility aid in your everyday life. Lift chairs are one of the many different kinds of aids that doctors recommend for patients with mobility issues. The way that a lift chair operates is simple. While some do recline and rock as other chairs do, lift chairs can help someone get from a sitting to a standing position by lifting a person up and forward with the push of a button. read more...

Getting a lift chair for yourself or a loved one doesn't mean that you have to have an eyesore in your home! Many feature many kinds of builds and fabrics, making their designs versatile to fit in any home theme. From different upholstery such as polyester to chenille, at Value City you can even choose the specific dimensions for a lift chair that fits in your home. Many are designed in unique ways to provide more or less cushion depending on your personal tastes for the softness or stiffness of your seats, just like a regular armchair.

A lift chair isn't just for those who are disabled, but also assist with aches after a long day at work. Many are built with heat pads and other special features for those with sore muscles and the beginnings of arthritis or other such aches, for ease and relaxation without wasting money. These chairs are a cheaper and longer lasting alternative than taking baths or paying for expensive massage therapy, lasting long years and customized for your or a loved one's specific comfort.

Designer's Dashboard: Want an armchair without the lift? Consider simple but beautiful living room chairs and chaises for similar comfort without the specialized functionality for a beautifully themed lounge.