Measure Up: Making Sure Furniture Fits before You
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How to Measure Your Room for Furniture

measuring for ethan sectional

Will it fit?

A hassle-free delivery might just start with a tape measure. Follow our 3-step guide to measure your space prior to purchase. Best part? It's quick and easy.

Measure the entryways.

  • Measure your front door
  • Check your delivery path (i.e., any area the furniture will pass through)

Tip: Large or oversized furniture pieces like sofas, mattresses and headboards might need more space than you think.

measuring step 1

Measure the Room.

  • Measure the room’s door
  • Measure the length & width of the room, and height of the walls
measuring step 2

Check Furniture Dimensions

Check the piece’s measurements (height x width x depth) under Dimensions on the item’s page.

Visualize furniture in your space by using painter’s tape or masking tape to map out the exact dimensions.
Purchased furniture should be at least 4 inches less than the passage measurements to move it easily and safely.

measuring step 3

No Tape Measure? No Problem.

Standard counter height is 36” (one yard) so grab a piece of string and mark the height

Standard yoga mat is 68” in length

Grab a sheet of 8.5” x 11” letter paper from your printer

Paper towel roll measures 11” in height

Classic 3-ring binder measures 11.5” in height

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