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Adjustable Beds

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SleepFunction 1.0 Queen Adjustable Base
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SleepFunction 2.0 Queen Adjustable Base
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SleepFunction Basic Queen Adjustable Base
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Tempur-Pedic® Ergo 2.0 Queen Adjustable Base
Tempur-Pedic® Ergo 2.0 Queen Adjustable Base with Sleeptracker®
Tempur-Pedic® Ergo Extend Queen Adjustable Base with Sleeptracker®
Sealy® Ease 4.0 California King Adjustable Base

Power Bases That Adjust

Get your best night’s sleep with adjustable bases and mattress accessories from American Signature Furniture. 

Why choose adjustable bed frames for your bedrooms? These tech-savvy frames let you customize your sleeping position for optimal comfort. They can also help to keep your spine aligned and reduce pressure on areas of your body (like your lower back and hips). They’re truly a great way to get the best rest and relaxation each and every night. 

Have questions? Great news—we’ve got all our frequently asked ones below and the answers to go with them. Take a look! 

Do you have adjustable bases for all mattress sizes? Our adjustable bases are for twin XL, full, queen and king beds. We even have them for split king beds. So, if you have one currently or are looking to upgrade to a queen or king, for example, be sure to check out our adjustable base queen or our adjustable base king options. 

What does an adjustable base help with? If you suffer from lower back pain, sleeping in a slightly inclined position with support under your knees may reduce pressure and morning aches and pains. Additionally, adjustable bed frames can also help with conditions like sleep apnea, allergies and more thanks to the adjustable nature and being able to elevate your head (improving breathing and snoring). 

Do adjustable bases have any bonus features? They sure do! Amazing additions like memory position with presets that include flat, anti-snore and zero gravity. Some also have a wireless remote, flashlight, LED lights and USB charging port for added convenience. There are also frames with massage modes to provide ultimate relaxation.  

Are adjustable frames just for people with aliments? Nope! They’re great for reading in bed, watching TV, working on a laptop and more, too! Anyone can benefit from adding one to their bedroom. 

Any other reason to by an adjustable bed frame? We love that the ones we carry are sleek in design and are compatible with storage and platform beds. There’s space underneath to store extra stuff and keep your room clutter free, too.  

We also have lots of mattress brandsmattress protectors & sheetsbunkie boards and more to complete your bedroom, just the way you want it.  

Ready to shop? Check out our amazing options now and start sleeping better, stat.