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Destination: Home

Farah’s take on perfecting the art of staycationing—from creating a family getaway right in your living room to all the essentials needed for an insta-worthy patio weekend.

The New Reclining

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“ComforTech power reclining is a tech-lover’s dream come true. Tons of features and so much comfort! But I love the reclining that doesn’t look like reclining—streamlined designs and elegant curves. The cozy, beautiful pieces with room for everyone.”

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The Backyard Resort

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“This Summer, we’ll be living on our patio. So I want pieces that bring the inside out. Big, cozy sectionals and durable outdoor tables perfect for family and parties—plus all the weather-proof accessories that feel like home.”

Make It You

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“Staycationing is all about feeling like you’re getting away, without actually going anywhere. The perfect sofa or sectional—customized to your space and style—is where the staycation action really happens.”

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The Farah Edit

A curated list of some of her favorites.

“Designer Looks offers pieces for every kind of style. And you’re finding it all at a great price with the quality and durability behind it.”

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