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Declutter Your Home For Better Health

Declutter Your Home For Better Health

We can all agree that starting and ending the day in an unorganized home is stressful. Unfortunately, attending a yoga class or a weekend vacation isn't the long term solution for this problem. An organized home leads to a healthier mind and life in terms of relationships, productivity and the list goes on. People with clutter-free homes are more likely to eat healthier, exercise more often, sleep better and most importantly, experience overall happiness.

How to Organize for a Healthy Life

Think about this: you are more likely to clutter an unorganized room than a clean room. Furthermore, maintaining an organized home is much easier than cleaning a messy home over and over again. Spending a few hours one day to organize your entire home will help you maintain long term cleanliness and avoid the accumulation of clutter. To make this process a little smoother, we have the tips and furniture solutions that will fit perfectly with your existing set up! Soon after, you’ll begin to notice the benefits throughout your day.

Organize Your Mornings, Afternoons & Night

The Marilyn Collection

Declutter Your Mornings

Choosing an outfit for the day can be stressful enough, but choosing from an unorganized closet is even worse. An organized space for your clothing will instantly reduce stress and add more time to your morning routine. Adding additional space for your clothes with organizational solution, like chests with drawers and panel doors, will aid the declutter process. Also, nightstands can hide clutter in your bedroom. These pieces will help you start your day with a clear, healthy mindset, instead of rushing around through piles of clutter.

The Morgan Home Office Collection

Organize Your Afternoons

Whether working from home or catching up on work in your home office after hours, a clean home will increase productivity and sharpen your focus. There are plenty of home office solutions to increase your organization, such as desks with just the amount of drawers you need. Additionally, bookcases are a helpful addition to not only store supplies and books, but to display pictures and decor as well!.

The Ciera IV Collection

Enjoy Your Evenings

With an organized house, you will have more time to spend with family and friends, work out, prepare a healthy meal and more! This becomes easy to do with organizational furniture, such as decorative tables for behind or near your sofa. These solutions will help avoid clutter build up in, what should be, relaxing spaces. TV stands and media centers are great for entertainment multitasking solutions with generous display and storage room. This smart buy will prevent having too many storage pieces in one room by holding your storage underneath the TV/media.

Now you've finally made it through your day and your clean home provides the setting for a relaxing evening. If there is one thing you learned today, it is that maintaining clutter-free spaces is much easier than cleaning large messes again and again. Imagine how much better you will sleep when your head hits the pillow in an organized home! If you need organizing tips on how to begin the declutter process, please reference Three Quick Organization Tips and 5 Pieces of Furniture That Will Help You Declutter.

Organizational Furniture to Help You Declutter

Jive Storage Ottoman - Yellow
Shortline End Table
Brentwood 4 Pc. Entertainment Wall Unit
Grenoble Media Credenza - Ivory
Shipyard End Table - Nutmeg
Atlas Sofa Table
Bonita Nightstand - Black
Bonita Chest - White
Oslo Cherry Laptop Desk