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Use Furniture to Declutter

Use Furniture to Declutter

Whether it’s your bedroom, living room or dining room, clearing clutter is a challenge that feels almost insurmountable. Almost. We’ve got some organizing tips in the form of furniture pieces to help you declutter without a lot of fuss. Soon, you’ll be an ace at clearing space, giving you much more peace of mind to enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

You know that chair in your bedroom holding clothes you β€œmay” need later? If you do, it’s time to replace that system with one that keeps your wardrobe under wraps, and adds cool style to your space. The perfect bedroom storage solutions promote organization and avoid the buildup of clutter to ensure long term organization in your bedroom. Check out our solutions below!

The Dresser

When you’re considering how to organize your bedroom, start with a bedroom staple: your dresser. It stores clothes inside, of course, but think about other bedroom essentials. A bureau top can hold a TV and electronics, bookends filled with your favorite reads, or even a tiered dessert plate to keep perfume bottles or jewelry looking extra stylish. Some dressers include slide-out jewelry trays or a flip-up mirror to allow for better organization.

The Armoire

If you find yourself tight on closet space, consider an armoire β€” it gives you plenty of drawer space as well as a storage cabinet for hanging clothes. And if you’ve treated yourself to a brand-new dresser or chest, don’t get rid of that old one just yet β€” consider repurposing its drawers by painting them and hanging them on the wall for shadow box-style storage and display.

Plantation Cove black dresser & mirror
Nora jewelry armoire

Essential Living Room Organization

Messy living rooms are easy to come by when your life gets busy and your time dedicated to cleaning is cut short. It is important to keep your living room organized as it plays a pivotal role in connecting family and friends. Whether baby toys, dog toys or books, we have the ultimate solution for keeping your living room clutter-free. And don’t worry, we have plenty of pieces that will match seamlessly with your existing set up.

The Storage Ottoman

When you’re ready to declutter your living room, you can start simple with just one piece of furniture. When it comes to ottomans, the storage ottoman is now the new standard. (Can we get a clutter-fighting superhero award for whoever designed them?) Previously wasted space, the interior of a storage ottoman keeps all that stuff that inevitably piles up on and around the couch: TV and gaming remotes, tablet and charger, throw blankets, magazines, board games…the list goes on.

If you entertain a lot, or just like to nosh in front of a movie, look for a storage ottoman that has a reversible lid. Just flip the lid over and you’ve got a serving tray for drinks and snacks. And when there’s a gathering afoot, a storage ottoman can serve as extra seating β€” it’s much more organizational-friendly than storing folding chairs in a coat closet.

Tiffany 3 pc. storage ottoman with trays
Hayes storage ottoman with 2 pillows
Jive storage ottoman
Madeline storage ottoman
Callihan storage ottoman

A Clutter Free Dining Room

Lee sideboard

Buffets, Hutches, and Keeping Tables

Clearing clutter in your dining room can sometimes feel as hard as interpreting that faded old recipe card from Grandma. But with a couple of perfect furniture partners, you can be sure everything has its place.

Farmhouse archive buffet and hutch - bench

Buffet and Hutch

When it comes to the bedroom, experts suggest placing your bed far from the door to establish feelings of privacy and safety as you sleep. Experts also recommend introducing accessories like mirrors to move the natural light throughout the room and make it feel more open. Incorporating plants into your dΓ©cor also brings life and energy to your personal space.

7' Farmhouse keeping table - antique white

Keeping Table

If you don’t have space for a buffet and hutch, choose a table with storage built right in β€” a keeping table has drawers just below the surface, giving you access to dining necessities right at your seat.

No matter which piece you choose, it can help you get organized for dinner parties like a pro: store pre-assembled place settings in one of the drawers (wrap a pretty napkin around silverware, and tie it up with ribbon), so you can save time β€” and your sanity β€” when the water’s just about to boil over in the kitchen.

Perfect Pieces for Organization and Harmony at Home!

Primitive Hardware 9-drawer dresser
Teca storage cube ottoman
Taper Turned console with hutch - antique white
Mason dresser & storage mirror
Alexander dresser & mirror
Esquire buffet & hutch
Cosmo sideboard
Charlotte storage ottoman
Newcastle sideboard